Video: An a-MAIZE-ing Snack

Video: An a-MAIZE-ing Snack

In August 2018, members of the Roots in Drought team attended a workshop in China. During their travels, they were able to partake in many different cuisines from all across the regions of China. One of the flavors that stuck out the most was the usage of corn as a sweet flavor, which is very different from the average American diet, where corn is more savory.  

One evening, the team was able to try “maize juice,” which was a warm beverage of blended sweet corn and steamed milk. While not often something frequently offered in the U.S., it was very familiar to the summertime Midwestern dinner staple, buttered sweet corn, just in liquid form.  

The next day, when traveling to the field site, the team stopped at a roadside gas station where they saw a treat they just couldn’t resist trying: Corn ice cream. This ice cream bar was corn flavored ice cream with a wafer-like coating, complete with corn kernel texture. It was the cool, refreshing, corn-flavored treat the team didn’t know they were missing. Despite the unfamiliar nature of the snack, it was delicious. As the corn enthusiasts these researchers are, both of these intriguing sweets were quite a hit.  

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