Meet Cheyenne Becker

Cheyenne Becker

Meet Cheyenne Becker

Cheyenne Becker is the newest member of the MU Drought Team. She and her husband recently moved to Columbia, Missouri, from Kansas.

“My husband is originally from Columbia so we moved back here and are currently saving up for our first house,” Becker said. “Staying in the area is our long term goal.”

She is a research specialist in Dr. Robert Sharp’s lab and splits her time between the field and lab. She didn’t always want to work in agriculture though.

“I actually started out as a physical therapy major, but I took an environmental science class during my undergraduate and got into agriculture that way,” she laughed.

Becker graduated from Kansas State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. After graduation, she stayed at the university and worked as a full-time assistant scientist in a lab that focused on soybean breeding.

“I’ve never dealt with corn before, so it’s cool to dive into a new path,” Becker said.

While corn and soybeans are part of two different families – corn is a grass and soybean is a legume – Becker’s background and training in fieldwork makes her an asset to the grant.

The MU Drought Team recently finished up their last harvest of the summer on August 10, so Becker had been busy getting all of the supplies ready for Bradford Research Station where the corn is planted. But now that the root samples are out of the field, she’ll be spending a majority of her time working in the lab analyzing the

“I like the fact that I can work in both the lab and the field. I’ve never had a true lab experience before, so I’m enjoying that a lot,” Becker said.

Overall, she has enjoyed her first summer with the MU Drought Team and looks forward to continuing her work on the grant.

“The people are all really fun and I’ve been hanging out with certain team members like Laura [Greeley] a lot,” Becker said with a smile. “It’s been great.”

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