Harvest: Round Two

Harvest Round Two

Harvest: Round Two

On August 10, the MU Drought Team harvested their field of corn plants at Bradford Research Station for the third time this summer.

Although the process and end goal was exactly the same, round three went much faster than the first time. There were 30 people helping instead of 17, so four tables were organized to speed the process up. The tables were organized the same as they were at the beginning of the summer, but were spread a bit further out. This time, it only took two hours compared to the previous seven hours.

One key difference between this harvest and the first one was that sensors were placed in the field about a week after the corn was planted. The sensors did not arrive until after the first harvest, so they were not an option the first time around.

The sensors were placed in the ground near the plants and their purpose was to measure the water potential, which is a measurement of how freely water moves in the soil. The sensors determined what the soil conditions were every 30 minutes.

That information helps the MU Drought Team better understand the conditions the roots were being exposed to throughout the experiment.

Overall, this harvest went much smoother and will serve as an example when repeated in the future!

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