Roots in Drought: Inside Mizzou Podcast

Roots in Drought: Inside Mizzou Podcast

In this edition of the Inside Mizzou Podcast, researchers Dr. Bob Sharp, professor in professor in the Division of Plant Sciences and director of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group, and Shannon King, a doctoral student specializing in field biochemistry, sit down with Chancellor Cartwright to discuss their ongoing drought study and its importance for Missouri farmers. Drought is considered the most important limiting factor for crop production worldwide, and with more than 30 Missouri counties currently experiencing extreme drought, it is more important than ever to find solutions to this pressing challenge.

Dr. Sharp concentrates his research in the lab, focusing on the effect of drought on root development. Roots are responsible for taking up water from the soil. However, root systems are extremely complex, often containing hundreds of thousands of roots, and are difficult to research due to their location underground. King’s work takes place out in the field at Bradford Research Center, where she deploys a rainout shelter over her corn to simulate a drought, regardless of the unpredictable Missouri weather.

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